Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment in Charlotte NC

Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment Charlotte NCRepetitive strain injuries (RSI) are a series of injuries that generally affect the muscles, tendons, tendon sheaths, joints, and nerves. These types of injuries occur when repetitive movements are performed with a particular part of the body, again and again. Repetitive stains can be very minor, such as with the subtle movements of typing on a keyboard, or more serious, such as when lifting weights, running, or throwing a baseball. Regardless of the cause, these repetitive movements can cause serious damage to the joints, muscles, and soft tissues, which can result in chronic pain. As a top chiropractic clinic, we offer quality repetitive strain injury treatment in Charlotte, NC.

Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment in Charlotte: Causes of RSI?

Repetitive strain injuries can be caused by a number of activities and lifestyle habits. The most common causes of RSIs include rapid movement injures, which are caused by repeated rapid movements, static loaded injuries, which occur when the muscles are kept motionless and tense, and forceful movement injuries, which can occur due to an overexertion of muscle movements. In the majority of cases, these injuries are caused by too much or too little movement while handling light or heavy loads.

What are the Symptoms of RSI?

RSI can present with a number of symptoms, ranging from mild to debilitating. The most common symptoms seen in individuals with this condition include: Dull ache or pain, Burning or tingling sensations, Numbness, Swelling of the hand or wrist, Pain that worsens at night, Shiny, dry palms and Clumsiness of the hands.

How Can a Chiropractor Help?

Many individuals find relief when visiting a chiropractor for their repetitive strain injuries. During your initial visit, the chiropractor will conduct a medical history interview, followed by a physical examination. If you have been diagnosed with RSI, a treatment plan will be developed to help alleviate your pain and help you regain function of the affected area. Effective treatments used by chiropractors to relieve symptoms of RSI include chiropractic adjustments, ergonomics, massage therapy, stretching, behavior modification, and strengthening exercises.


Detecting and treating repetitive strain injuries early can help prevent more intense pain from developing and the damage from progressing. To schedule a visit with our professional chiropractors, contact our office today.


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