Physiotherapeutic Services In Charlotte NC

Physical Therapy In Charlotte NCNova Chiropractic & Pain Management, conveniently located in Charlotte, offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art physiotherapeutic in Charlotte NC. With our complete chiropractic facilities and state-accredited expert chiropractors, we help patients address physical limitations and regain optimum quality of life. Our chiropractors have already helped hundreds of patients with heart attack or stroke, fractures, sports and occupational injuries.

Physiotherapeutic Chiropractic

The primary aim of our physiotherapeutic chiropractic is to improve mobility. Chiropractors achieve this through services like specialized massage, range-of-motion exercises and weight lifting, as well as education and training sessions. They may also use diagnostic procedures like electromyograms and nerve conduction velocity testing and imaging studies in order to develop effective treatment plans.



Conditions Treated
Manual therapy
Manual therapy – also known as manipulative therapy, is a technique where the physiotherapist uses his or her own hands to exercise or stimulate a body part. Massage, manipulation and mobilization are some examples of manual therapy.
Range-of-motion exercise
Weight training
Electric muscle stimulation
Ultrasound therapy
Core stabilization exercises
Manual lymph drainage


What Our Charlotte Chiropractic Can Do For You?

Conditions like amputations, sports injuries, surgeries and work-related injuries and medical conditions like heart or lung diseases, stroke and fractures, nerve problems and arthritis can greatly impair the person’s ability to move or live independently. Our physiotherapeutic treatments include working with the patient to help regain functionality and strength of affected body parts so they can perform daily activities and improve quality of life. As chiropractors, we address chronic pain that prevents patients from doing things they usually do. We also work with athletes to improve physical performance or promote healing of injuries.


For example, we may provide range-of-motion exercises to treat amputees to strengthen and condition their remaining limbs to prepare for future use of limb prosthesis. We perform manual therapy to elderly suffering from contractures, or teach breathing to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to maintain lung capacity. Nova Chiropractic & Pain Management offers all of these services to patients living in Charlotte and nearby areas.


We take pride in assisting Charlotte and surrounding areas relieve pain with quality chiropractic care.