Charlotte Whiplash Injury Treatment

Charlotte Whiplash Injury TreatmentAs a top Charlotte whiplash injury treatment chiropractic, we readily accept patients with suspected whiplash injuries. Having chiropractic sessions can help hasten healing of whiplash injuries and reduce risk of long-term effects.

Whiplash injury is a term for neck injuries caused by sudden application of force. Whiplash injuries can occur in auto accidents, sports or occupational injuries. The neck is a structure that is fairly rigid and filled with soft tissues, and has only limited range of movement. Sudden acceleration and deceleration forces cause the neck to move beyond its limits that can cause damage to soft tissues resulting to classic symptoms of whiplash.

Charlotte Whiplash Injury Treatment: Symptoms to Watch Out For

Before whiplash injury treatment, one mush first possess symptoms. The main symptom of whiplash is pain and discomfort in the neck. Pain while moving the head is also a symptom of whiplash. Headaches (can be from one or both sides of the head), nausea and stiffness and vision changes are also seen in individuals with whiplash injuries. Other symptoms of whiplash include pain in the shoulders and sensation of ‘pins and needles’ on the arms or legs. In many cases, whiplash symptoms can occur days or even weeks after the injury has occurred. This makes it hard for some individuals to determine the cause of whiplash injury. Nova Chiropractic & Pain Management, here in Charlotte, NC, is very familiar with auto accident injuries and therefore can diagnose symptoms of whiplash.

Why Whiplash Injury Produces Such Symptoms?

The discomfort caused by whiplash is due to two things: pressure on nerves caused by sudden and out-of-range flexion by the spinal column, and trauma to soft tissues of the neck. Some of the affected nerves also supply the shoulders, causing deferred pain. In serious cases, whiplash injures the spinal cord itself causing symptoms at legs or feet. The delayed onset of whiplash symptoms may be due to the time it takes for muscle soreness or swelling to develop.

Whiplash Injury Treatment: How Do We Deal With It?

Nova Chiropractic & Pain Management practitioners deal with the health and integrity of the spine. Because it affects the neck area of the vertebral column, whiplash injury treatment and management is well within our expertise. We’re able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate whiplash injuries. Our chiropractors in Charlotte can diagnose whiplash by examining a patient’s history and presentation of symptoms. Imaging studies rarely help because whiplash injuries are seldom seen in x-rays. To treat whiplash, we may use spinal adjustment to move bones in the neck to restore normal integrity. This may be done several times during treatment. Unless it is very serious that requires immobilization, we may provide stretching and coordination exercises to promote normal physiology and healing.


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