5 Reasons You Should Visit a Chiropractor After An Auto Accident

5 Reasons You Should Visit a Chiropractor After An Auto Accident
0 1 July 2015

Getting involved in auto accidents is always unexpected and is no laughing matter, and most of us do not know where to go thereafter. The last thing we think is going to the chiropractor. The truth is, chiropractors are well-trained in handling and taking care of auto accidents.

Auto accidents can cause variety of injuries to several organ systems. Since chiropractors treat patients in a holistic manner, having an appointment with them after being in a car accident is always a good idea.

Here are five important reasons why visiting your chiropractor after car accident will prove advantageous:

Have your spine and neck checked

Your neck and spine can be injured in a car accident. In fact, the neck and the spine are always vulnerable to injury in a car accident, because they carry and support the weight of your entire body when you drive; remember that the spine and neck rests on the car seat and head rest, respectively, when you are in the car.

Assessing your neck and spine is very important after a car accident (or any other accident) as health consequences can be serious, such as paralysis. Your chiropractor can easily identify injuries in your spine and neck to avoid serious worries later.

Assess for any muscle injuries

The muscles, which lie just under your skin, can become injured in car accidents due to contusions, shearing and internal bleeding. Any accident can put direct force to your body that results to contusion or shearing injuries, which may progress to internal bleeding. Not all of these injuries are evident right after the accident, but your chiropractor can easily identify these hidden injuries so they can be treated promptly.

Determine musculoskeletal injuries that may manifest as repetitive strain injuries later

Just as mentioned earlier, some injuries after a car accident remain hidden and so often left untreated. Some of these untreated injuries grow worse over time and cause repetitive strain injuries; some examples of repetitive strain injuries include numb discomfort and pain on using the shoulder, wrist and thumb. Untreated injuries from car accidents can grow worse and manifest as repetitive strain injuries, which can cause significant disability later on. Your chiropractor can easily assess for such injuries and treat it before it progresses into repetitive strain injury.

Pain relief

Many cases of car injuries cause unexplained pain or discomfort. In most cases, pain from car accidents is difficult to describe and localize. This can be the result of minor nerve or spine injury, and they produce uncomfortable pain. Your chiropractor can help relieve these complaints of pain and discomfort.

Faster recovery

You may have sustained injuries after the accident, and fast recovery is always a desired goal. Regular visits to Nova Chiropractic Pain Management can help induce and speed up recovery from car accidents, especially if you sustained several injuries. Chiropractic techniques such as spinal manipulation help correct alignment of the spine for your comfort, while specific supportive treatments help induce faster recovery time.

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