Getting Over Your Whiplash

Getting Over Your Whiplash
0 21 January 2015

Whiplash, also known as neck strain, is an all too common phenomena. Whiplash happens when the muscles and tendons in your neck stretch and tear apart. Athletes are most prone to have whiplash. Any contact sport will put you at risk for having neck sprain at any given time. Even though most people associate whiplash with car accidents, you can experience neck strain from simple everyday activity, like sleeping. Keep reading to find out more about the symptoms of whiplash and how you can make it all right again!

If you do need whiplash injury treatment, you’ll definitely feel it. You’ll notice the pain or tension in your neck and you might not be able to move it normally. If you’re not able to rotate your head or neck without wincing, it’s probably been injured. You won’t always feel the discomfort of a whiplash right away: it can take hours or even days before you start to sense the effects. If you sustained neck strain in a car accident, you should get checked out by one of our Charlotte chiropractors immediately because you could have something more serious going on: like a concussion.

Although neck strain can be an annoyance, there are a few things you can to do make it feel better without having to seek medical attention.


  • Putting an ice bag to your neck should really help numb the pain and swelling. You want to start icing your neck immediately and you should strive to do it at least once a day for 30 minutes. Make sure your ice bag is wrapped in cloth to prevent further injury.
  • Follow up your icing with heat rags. Taking a hot bath can also help to work the pain out of your neck. You want to wait to use heat methods until 2 to 3 days of icing have passed.
  • Painkillers should be strong enough to nix the pain altogether. A good ibuprofen like Advil or a naproxen like Aleve should do the trick to ease the pain and swelling. Of course, you want to check with your doctor before using painkillers since they come with side effects.
  • Getting a neck brace from the store will support your injury and prevent any further damage. These are not recommended for long-term wear because they will weaken your neck muscles over time.
  • If you’ve got the time and money to spend, a good massage could be a great option to utilize. Massage therapists know how to target all areas of the body to bring about relief.

Depending on how severe your whiplash is, it should take maybe a few days for your condition to improve. You want to be sure you’re not adding any excess stress to the situation and you’re being careful with your neck. If you’re big into sports, rehabilitation after your healing process might be a smart idea! Strengthening your neck muscles will lessen the chances that you have another injury in the future.

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