Understanding Lower Back Pain Relief and How to Treat it

Understanding Lower Back Pain Relief and How to Treat it
0 13 November 2014

We put this post together for every troubled person looking for lower back pain relief. Given the many patients we’ve dealt with over the years, we understand your pain and would love to help you relieve it! First, lets discuss the commonality of this excruciating pain. So, here is what you need to know on how it develops along with the management strategies.

Lower back pain is painful and debilitating medical condition. It is a complaint that makes many people unable to do work. Lower back pain is a medical condition that causes disability in 8 out of 10 able-bodied adults, causing massive loss of productivity. It’s the most common physical discomfort among adults, exceeding migraine and neck pain. Lower back pain is also a common result of auto accident injuries.

Though it looks simple, our spine is a complex structure of bones, ligaments and tendons wrapped around the sensitive spinal cord. In addition to that, organs of the pelvis and abdomen are nearby and there are plenty of muscles around. Back pain can originate from any of these areas. Ligaments and tendons may be stretched beyond their limits, nerves may become irritated or the bones may pinch nerves as they suffer from age-related wear and tear that cause lower back pain.

What Makes Lower Back Pain Difficult to Treat?

Several things complicate lower back pain. Inflammation in the nerves, muscle segment or connective tissues in the spin can cause back pain. Swelling inside the tissues of the vertebrae can irritate the nerves, or the vertebrae itself can become so worn that it presses on the spinal cord and nerves to cause significant discomfort. Lower back pain can originate from one or more of these problems. In many cases, the exact cause of lower back pain is not addressed that leads to prolonged discomfort.

How to Achieve Lower Back Pain Relief

In some cases, lower back pain is simply a symptom of overexertion. Rest may relieve lower back pain, and longer rest periods are often prescribed for particularly moderate cases. Rest enables the body to make repairs to injuries that result to lower back pain.

Managing lower back pain starts by visiting an expert like a chiropractor. This will help determine the possible causes of back pain. To address injuries, you can ask your provider for supplements to hasten healing of soft tissues. Bone-building supplements may work great to relieve back pain caused by aging or work injuries. Repeated direct interventions like therapeutic massage and chiropractic sessions can work to improve muscle tone of the spine that can relieve lower back pain over time.

Many people resort to painkillers for lower back pain. However, it only works to mask discomfort but do not provide permanent fix. Furthermore, repeated use of painkillers can cause dependence, kidney and liver damage.

You can avoid lower back pain by adopt proper standing and lifting postures. Using stronger muscles in the arms and legs for exertion can avoid injury to the spine.

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